A Simple Guide On How You Should Clean Your Air Conditioner

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August 16, 2017
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A Simple Guide On How You Should Clean Your Air Conditioner

Do you own an air conditioning system at home? Do you often find yourself frustrated with the quality of air that it produces? Most importantly, does it annoy you that it fails to be effective in cooling your room? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are probably wondering what is causing this problem. The most common reason why an air conditioner does not function well is because of the fact that it is dirty. In this article, we will present a simple guide on how you can clean your air conditioner.

At this point, you may be hesitant in doing the cleaning task all by yourself. Well, just relax and be confident that you can do it. It is such an easy thing to do especially if you done on a regular basis. Once you get used to it, everything will be trouble-free.

When cleaning the air conditioning unit, make sure that you have turned it off. Unplug it and start working on the condenser coils. It is very crucial that there is no power running through the system as you will be dealing with the outdoor part of your appliance. To clean the condenser soils, the next thing to do is to remove the outer case of the system. Most of the time, this can be done through the use of a screwdriver or any similar tool. There could be some components that are blocking or obstructing the access to the coil. Remove them slowly and then start dusting off dirt on the coils. Use a soft brush or duster to do this process.

After focusing on the outdoor part of the system, you can start working on the indoor component. What you need to remove here is the filter. It must be noted that the filter is the system’s primary line of defense against dust, dirt or bacteria. Thus, it is the one that needs to be cleaned regularly as it can be clogged with dust easily.

The next area to clean is the fan coil which is the component that deals with blowing air out of the air conditioning system. To clean it, it is recommended that you use a suitable cleaning solution. Spray it on the indoor unit’s fan coil and leave it there for around five minutes. The last step to do is to rinse it off with warm water. Always remember that there is a great need to let this component be completely drained off. Do not return the fan coil to the system without drying it.

Cleaning your air conditioner can be at times a tedious process. Do not worry if you are not comfortable with doing it all by yourself. Fortunately, many companies offer a decent air conditioning service to people like you who are in need of cleaning professionals. These companies have technicians that can assist you in maintaining the quality of your aircon as well as to repair any damage that it may have.

Don’t be hesitant to look for companies that offer their own professional Aircon service as it can help you a lot especially if you are a very busy person. Instead of exerting efforts and allotting time for cleaning the air conditioning system, just call your chosen professional cleaning company and they will take care of your aircon problems.


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