When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

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September 6, 2017
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November 1, 2017

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Facing problems with your AC every summer? I’m guessing that you are definitely on the crossroads on whether to repair or replace the system every time it gives you a headache. Although this is no easy decision, getting some pointers could really help you especially if you don’t know where to start. Explore the following reasons by aircon service experts:

AC not working

Is your AC not doing its job? Experiencing overly warm and humid conditions indoors with your AC on? You have cleaned, serviced and repaired your air conditioner endlessly but it still does not work as you expect it. If this is your case, think no further, you need a replacement. Toss your old unit out and hire a professional to install a new one for you. No ventilation inconveniences this time round. Good cooling equates to comfortable living!

Age of your AC

Another question to ask yourself is the age of your AC. If you moved in to a home that already had one and did not bother to check, this is the time to do so. You can also learn online on how to read the age of the air conditioner. A repair could fix it temporarily but in the long run it could break down once again. Why postpone the problem? Invest in replacing and you will never have to worry. An AC that is a decade old or more needs a replacement but this is not so for commercial conditioners which have a longer life span. Get professional advice if you have issues with your commercial AC before replacing it.

Hiking electricity bills

Your electricity bills have been on the rise recently and you wonder what could be the problem. A faulty air conditioner is not energy efficient and it will cause you to pay more for your bills. An air conditioner that does not work to its full potential uses lots of energy to maintain the coolness of your space. Be prudent, replace your AC fast.


When you need extra space in your home you tend to expand it so as to fit your specifications. Adding an extra room for instance, will force you to replace your AC because the old one is not extended to the expanded area. You do not have to abandon your new home office because of a lack of conditioning. However, instead of installing additional air conditioning systems, replacing is a better and a much affordable option.

Still not convinced? With these reasons at hand, you can now decide if you should get your aircon replaced or repaired. If you are still concern about repairing your aircon, get an expert that does professional aircon repair in Singapore. Think about which option is the best in the long run.


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