Do I really need to get my air conditioner serviced?

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Do I really need to get my air conditioner serviced?

Do I really need to get my air conditioner serviced?


Living in a hot and humid climate means that most of us are usually staying indoors, enjoying the cool and refreshing air coming from an air conditioning unit. Whether it is in a shopping mall or the comfort of your own home, there is no denying that having an air conditioner is an absolute necessity when you are living in Singapore.

Since we are using our air-conditioners practically on a daily basis, it is important to conduct regular checks on them to make sure that they are not experiencing any sort of problems. But how important really is it to get it checked, especially if it is working fine? And how often should you get an aircon service?

The first thing is to look at how often you are using your air conditioner. If you are using it every day then you should get it serviced every two to three months. Running your air conditioner daily could result in less cool air being blown from the fans due to constant use. If you are really concerned about the performance of your unit, monthly checks are also recommended.

If you are only an occasional user of your air-conditioner, then the servicing is to be conducted every three to six months. Make sure that the filters are thoroughly cleaned.

For those of you who are infrequent users, or prefer to conserve electricity, you are still recommended to hire an aircon service to conduct maintenance checks on your unit. This is to ensure that there are not pests that are residing in your air conditioner that has not been in use.

When you are hiring a servicing company for your air conditioner, be sure to check that they are technicians who have been certified to conduct these services.


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