Reasons why your Air Conditioner smells bad

Do I really need to get my air conditioner serviced?
September 7, 2018

Reasons why your Air Conditioner smells bad


In Singapore, when we are relaxing at home, most of us will turn on the air conditioner to cool ourselves down because of the heat and humidity.  But when your aircon is emitting a foul odour, it can ruin the refreshing and relaxing sensation. While some smells are merely unpleasant, others could potentially present serious health hazards for you and your loved ones. This unbearable smell is an indicator that your aircon needs maintenance.

Here are some of the causes why your air con smells bad:

Clogged Aircon Filter

This is one of the most common causes that leaves your air conditioner to smell badly. Over time, the filter inside the air conditioner collects dirt and dust along with other small particles. Moisture can also accumulate on the air filter, producing a moldy and musty smell when not cleaned or changed for a period of time. While it is designed to trap dust, regular maintenance is still needed. If the build-up is left too long, the air that passes through the unit will begin to smell.

Must, Mildew Or Mold

As mentioned, Singapore is a humid country. And when there is humidity, there is bound to be moisture. Therefore, when there is excess moisture in the aircon system, it could start breeding mold and mildew. It flows through the ductwork, blowing the horrid air into your home. This is harmful to your family and your health. To prevent moisture related problems, engage a professional aircon servicing company. They will help you to fix all water leaks, improve drainage and replace filters. Schedule frequent servicing to maintain your air conditioner.


When you turn on your aircon and if you are able to detect something like a burning smell, overheating might be the cause of the issue. It might be that your motor is overheating, or there is a wiring issue or other mechanical problems have not be dealt with such as your faulty circuited board or fan motor. It is advisable to switch off your aircon system immediately from your breaker box when you notice this smell. Contact your aircon servicing company immediately.

These are some of the factors why your aircon smell bad. Regardless of the cause, you should still inform a professional aircon servicing provider instead of trying to resolve it yourself. It could potentially be dangerous, as you might not know the underlying reasoning of the issue.  Do your research and comparisons before deciding which company you should engage to get rid of the horrible odor produced by your air conditioner.

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