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August 15, 2017

How often and how much should I spend to service my air conditioner?

What does an air conditioner really do for you?
The air conditioner(AC) is one equipment at home and at work that makes our lives comfortable. Although most people see their air conditioner as the item that makes their home or work environment cool, it actually does more than that for you.

There are several things that an air conditioner does for you.

It cools your home; in fact, it removes heat from warm air through the process of evaporation. In addition, it helps to maintain humidity levels so that we do not feel sticky. Also, it circulates air, purifies it and filters out dusty particles. Now, air conditioners are built to save electricity and have faster cooling rates.

Why does all these matter to me?
Well, like any equipment, it requires maintenance. A regularly serviced AC ensures that the different parts within the AC work effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, you may have to fork out more money to replace or fix broken parts if it is not regularly serviced.

How often should you give your air conditioner a check?
One of the best practises of AC maintenance includes changing the filter once every 30 days. Still, to ensure that your air conditioner is operating at its maximum capabilities, you will need to service it at least once a year.

As time passes, your overused air conditioner will accumulate dust particles that may affect its vital parts. Not only does this reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency, but this build up could give you a lot of hassle in the future.

What is the average cost of servicing an air conditioning unit?
Most air conditioner service companies in Singapore provide low to mid-priced maintenance inspections which includes air conditioner cleaning, and replacing of the air filter. Be prepared to pay between $20 to $100.

Still unwilling to fork out the cash? Think about the long-lasting effects that it produces: improved efficiency, reduction of your electricity bill, and many more. This pales in comparison to buying a new air conditioner that costs several thousands of dollars.

Lastly, AC servicing should be conducted by a licensed professional. This is to ensure that the problems found will be addressed correctly and effectively before things escalate.
Contact us for any queries especially if you need to know what a good servicing should include. We are more than happy to address your questions regarding air conditioner repair and installation in Singapore.

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