All You Need to Know about Aircon Chemical Wash

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September 6, 2017
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September 6, 2017

All You Need to Know about Aircon Chemical Wash

If you have busied yourself with air conditioner cleaning, you probably have come across the term ‘aircon chemical wash’. This is a cleaning method that involves dismantling all the main parts of the air conditioner, where parts such as the fan and coils are soaked in a chemical solution to wash off the accumulated dirt or dust.

Uses of chemical cleaning

This method has a number of uses which include:

Corrosion reduction

During humid conditions, trapped moisture could corrode the metallic parts of the AC such as the coils and the condenser fans. Chemical cleaning prevents the rusting and keeps the AC to last longer.

Internal drainage flushing

In some instances, the drainage tube could be clogged with dirt and that cannot be removed manually with wiring. Chemical cleaning could unclog dirt efficiently compared to using other kinds of equipment.

Mold removal

Where there is moisture, there is always mold formation. To control or to remove mold completely, chemical washing is an option to explore.

So, when do you need this cleaning method?

AC cooling has decreased

When the air conditioner is not working efficiently due to reduced cooling despite regular maintenance, then you need to get an expert that does aircon cleaning in Singapore. Call them immediately and get your conditioner cleaned.

Noise from the AC

The minute you notice the air conditioner producing hissing or a screaming sound, then you know that it needs attention. Dial and get assistance fast. Once your AC has undergone chemical cleaning, the AC will be functioning normally.

Electricity bills hike

Hiking electric bills indicates one thing which is that your appliances are not energy efficient. If you have been experiencing AC issues you should get it checked and cleaned.

Benefits of chemical washing include:

Save up on electric bills

Once your AC is back on track after chemical cleaning, it works efficiently even on low speed. This way the air conditioner is energy efficient and does not consume too much energy. You can start to save on your electric bills. Isn’t that a pretty good bargain?

AC longevity is enhanced

Regular maintenance is what keeps an air conditioner working longer. Apart from your monthly routine cleaning, get someone to do a proper aircon chemical wash in Singapore for you twice in a year and you’ll start to see the difference. Not only will your AC serve you efficiently but it will last longer. You can also avoid conducting constant AC repair.

Air quality improvement

Chemical cleaning the AC keeps it clean and unrestricted to allow air flowing in and out of the conditioner. This allows the cooling of the indoor air which keeps out dampness and stuffiness that can cause respiratory diseases. A well maintained AC expels allergens from your home or office keeps the occupants safe and sound.

Performance improvement

Cleaning the AC with the chemical solution ensures all parts are clean and working effectively. Unclogged evaporator coils and drainage pipes will enhance the AC system to be running at optimal capacity. You will no longer be facing cooling problems or extreme humidity in your space. Chemical cleaning will ensure that you remain comfortable at home or in the office. Face warm weather confidently with an efficient air conditioner.

Now you know what chemical cleaning is all about. Consider doing it and enjoying all the benefits that come along with it.


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