How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

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September 6, 2017
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September 6, 2017

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is the essence of comfortable living during harsh weather conditions. Having a malfunctioned AC is definitely not something that you want to deal with this summer. Consequently, this article will provide some maintenance tips that you can consider to help you keep your AC safe and working for a longer period of time.

Turn off power

Before you embark on any cleaning task, first, consider turning off the electrical power. This is part of a safety measure and this also ensures that your AC remains undamaged when you are servicing it.

Clean/change air filters

Air filters are essential parts that help to keep the air conditioner free from dirt and dust. In as much as these parts are protectors, they tend to get dirty with the dust accumulation that takes place over time. This therefore means that you need to conduct monthly cleaning. Neglecting this task will reduce the air flow in the AC. Learn how to clean your air filters from your manufacturer’s manual. If cleaning is not an option, consider changing the air filters.

Clean the evaporator coils

To ensure that the AC’s evaporator coils are 100% safe from dust and dirt. You thus have to clean the coils, but do so gently. This is because the evaporator is made up of aluminum foils which can bend easily under slight pressure. You could use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to help you with the cleaning.

Clear humidification

Apart from dirt and dust, humidification is another culprit that can stall down your air conditioner. Humidification causes formation of many airborne allergens that are surely not welcome in your home. For maintenance, you can easily balance your AC to ward off negative air pressure from your indoor ventilation. Doing this will ensure your office or home is free from allergens which would otherwise be a source of respiratory disease.

Clean drain channels

While it is easy to forget this step, ensure the drain channels are also cleaned. A clogged drainage system prevents the air conditioner from reducing humidity. Detach the drain tube, using a wire and snake it through and unclog the tube. Alternatively, you can use bleach solution to dissolve the dirt or algae that got stuck in the drain. Once you do so, you would have ensured that humidity will be a problem of the past.

Clean the exterior of the AC

Blocked condenser fins are reasons of why you are having problems with your air conditioner. Clean these exterior metallic blades using a soft brush. The condenser fins need cleaning from both the outside and inside. To conduct interior cleaning, you will have to unscrew the fan. A vacuum cleaner could ease the cleaning.

Turn on the AC

After the cleaning process, switch the power on but leave the AC off for the whole day. This allows drying and enables the AC to jump start when you switch it on the next day.

Call in the professionals

You have done everything in your power to clean your air conditioner but if there are no improvements to the air flow in your space, worry not and call an expert that offers professional aircon cleaning in Singapore. Ensure that you hire an expert that is well known for their quality aircon service.


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