Buying a commercial air conditioner for my business

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September 6, 2017
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Buying a commercial air conditioner for my business

Having your own office for your business is definitely a blessing. However, one of the important things that is often overlooked is getting the right air conditioner to cater for your commercial space. Having the right air conditioning system will help to create a conducive work environment for your employees as well as a good impression for clients who are visiting you.

Not sure how to go about doing it? Not to worry, here is a list of things that you can do so that you will know what air conditioner to get for your commercial space.

Measure how big your area is.

First things first, know how big your area is and then choose the right type of air conditioner. If you have a large area, then it is highly recommended to buy the ducted system. However, if your place only has a small area, then the split system air conditioner is sufficient.

Check your budget.

Before starting to look for air conditioning system, make sure that you already have a budget in mind. When you’ve done this, it would be much easier to shortlist a range of products. Start to research online or drop by a shop and ask the sales assistant to get you a product that falls within your price range.

Never compromise on quality.

The objective here is to find the most efficient and effective AC unit for your business without spending a large sum on it. Do not settle for something that is cheap. Look at the specifications and get one that is value for money. Even if you are on a tight budget, you could still wait for the holidays or special seasons where air conditioning systems might be on sale.

Ask questions all the time.

As you shop for the perfect AC unit, do not hesitate to ask questions! Enquire about the energy efficient ratio and compare!

Ask about the air conditioning service warranty that comes with your purchase.

If you are looking at an international brand online, remember to ask if they do aircon installation in Singapore.

In conclusion, remember that having a good air conditioner system in your work space is a definitely a good investment in the long-term.


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