What Air Conditioner Size Should I Choose?

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December 19, 2017
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February 1, 2018

What Air Conditioner Size Should I Choose?

What Air Conditioner Size Should I Choose

When it comes to aircon installation in Singapore, many of us tend to be stuck on the decision of which brand to pick. We perceive that certain brands of air conditioners provide better performance, but easily overlook the importance of the size of the actual aircon unit.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Size

The primary reason why it is essential to choose the right size is because of its efficiency. For example, if you have a big room and you are only using a small air conditioning system, then do not expect the place to be cooled quickly. In fact, it may even lead to poorer performance for the unit. On the other hand, if you install a big aircon in a small area, the power consumption involved would create unnecessary costs for your utility bills.

Here are a few factors that you need to take into consideration so that you will be able to select the perfectly size air conditioner unit for your room:

Determine the purpose why you need the air con

The initial step is to know the purpose of purchasing an air conditioning system. Do you want to place it in the living room or a smaller bedroom? Is it the first and only aircon that you will install at home or is it only an addition to an existing one? Asking these questions can make it easier on your part to shop for the appliance to purchase.

Measure the size of your room

After knowing the intended purpose of the purchase, the next thing to do is to determine the measurements of the room. To conduct a rough measurement, multiply the length and width of the room before multiplying that number by 25 BTU. The result from this simple calculation serves as the minimum cooling capacity the air conditioner unit should provide. To further narrow down your scope of choices, feel free to give the record of your measurements to the sales representative.

Avoid ‘Playing Safe’ and Buying an Excessively Larger Air Conditioner Unit

Logically, a larger air conditioner unit’s capacity allows it to cool a room quicker. However, this negates its other functions and benefits. An aircon unit helps to extract moisture and keep the environment dry. However, when an air conditioner is successful in lowering the temperature of the room to the programmed level, it will pause. It only cycles on when it detects that temperature has risen higher. As such, moisture is not constantly being expelled from the room.

Be aware of the climate for your house

Owing to factors such as natural shade, direction in which the windows face, height and climate, houses differ in their ambient temperature. As such, what worked for one house may not work for the another.

If you are still unsure about the appropriate air conditioner size to pick, you may get the expert opinion of an aircon service provider. Aircon professionals have plenty of experience and thus will help you to make the most informed purchase decision.

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