5 Signs That Show That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

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August 15, 2017
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5 Signs That Show That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

The summer season is officially here. During this time, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is “fun”. You may be thinking about the sports you want to play outdoor, the beach outings you want to enjoy with some friends, the backyard barbeque parties with family members or the road trips with your special someone. While all these may be extra fun, you also need to consider how your air conditioner can serve you best this summer season where beating the heat is challenging.

To maintain the good condition of your aircon, it is highly recommended to engage in aircon services. This is necessary so that the air conditioner will continue to function well. In case you don’t know, dust and dirt can quickly accumulate in your air conditioner. As a result, it can cause some components of the system to malfunction such as the filter, the coil or other vital parts. Aside from possible damages that could arise, this could lead to the rise of your electricity bills since the efficiency of your aircon unit has been compromised.

Below is a list of signs that is telling you that your air conditioning unit already needs repair:

1. Dirt Highly Visible On the Outer Case

Look at the outdoor area of your air conditioning unit. Through this, you can already see if there is an accumulation of dirt or other debris. There are two possible things that you could see. The first is one where the case is clean, and that means that there is nothing to worry about. The second is when there is a large amount of dirt or dust visible on the case. Needless to say, your aircon already needs some dusting or brushing as well and possibly a repair.

2. Air Con Is Not Cool

This is the most obvious sign of all. Sometimes, your air con does not only need a repair but a replacement. To refrain from a situation wherein you need to buy a new air conditioning unit, make sure that you have the unit checked every now and them. Once you noticed that the air conditioner is no longer giving the right amount of air to make the room cool, then it is probably time to get someone that does aircon repair in Singapore.

3. Electricity Bill Keeps Increasing

This is another possible indicator that the air conditioning system is having some troubles. Make a record of the amount of electricity bills you receive every month. Check this record every now and then to see if there have been some noticeable changes in the amounts. If there is, then chances are the air conditioner could be damaged.

4. Unusual Smells Coming Out From The Unit

This can also be a good indication that tells you that the air con needs some attention. Once you notice strange emissions from the system, call a professional air con technician. This ensures that you deal with the problem right away. Do not just sit there and observe the emissions. At this point, aircon servicing is highly needed.

5. You Hear Annoying Sounds Produced From It

You must be able to determine whether the noise you hear from the unit is normal or not. There can be a time when the air conditioning unit will annoy you due to the loud sounds it gives when it is turned on. Call a technician immediately so that someone can diagnose the problem.

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