7 ways to save on your air conditioning cost

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August 21, 2017
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September 6, 2017

7 ways to save on your air conditioning cost

In this hard economic times, there is a need to strategize on how to save up and cut down on your expenses. Reducing your air conditioning bills is one instance that you can do to help you save a couple of bucks every month. Here are some tips to consider if you want to save your air conditioning usage cost.

Planting trees

Go green and plant trees around your house. How is this efficient? Trees can help to clean the air in the environment, and they are very useful in maintaining the heat around your compound. Get professional help on which trees are more efficient in providing shade. Expert advice is also important in guiding you to avoid trees which may weaken your foundation. With reduced heat, you will not require the AC running the whole day.

Lock out outside air

To save on electric bills this summer, shut your windows and doors, as this allows the cool room temperature to be trapped inside the room, and at the same time preventing hot air from entering. With cool temperatures inside the room, you will not need the air conditioner to work so hard for you. Electricity will be lowered and you get to save your hard earned cash.

Heavy curtains is the way to go

Heavy curtains not only help you steal some sleep but they also prevent entry of heat into your home. Restricting heat entry enables you to live comfortably in the room without necessarily having the AC on high speed. The coolness of the room is maintained without heat intrusion because the curtains bar heat entry. Go shopping for heavy curtains before the warm seasons begin and stand a chance to pay low electricity bills.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can supplement the air conditioner duties. It could be cheaper than the AC and serve as a better alternative. Ceiling fans help regulate the temperature in your living space. If you install ceiling fans in your home, you will not need the air conditioner to be working all the time. If your AC is not in use, your bills will not come hiking this time round.

Switch fluorescent light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs provide good lighting but are not energy efficient. These bulbs emit heat and add up to the warm conditions in the house counteracting the cooling effect of the AC. Fluorescent light bulbs on the other hand, are energy saving and do not emit much as its counterpart hence maintaining the low temperatures provided by the conditioning system.

Clean/replace AC filters

The filters in the air conditioner play a major role in preventing dust and dirt from reaching the evaporator. With the particles in the air, the filters tend to get clogged with dust after some time. That is why you should conduct monthly cleaning to remove the settled dirt or get an expert that provides good quality aircon servicing for you.

Seek professional help

A faulty AC will cost you in the long run because its efficiency is reduced which means that it will consume more energy just to function at the current performance. Thus, you should consider seeking for an expert that does aircon repair in Singapore to get your aircon unit fixed so that in the long run you will save cost.


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