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TJ Aircon is your one stop Air Conditioner Contractor in Singapore to all air conditioning service needs. We provide aircon servicing, air conditioner cleaning, aircon repair service, and aircon installation in Singapore. We pride ourselves in offering clients best value for money with the best service possible. Our technicians are trained and certified to undertake all kinds of air conditioning service and maintenance works for residential and commercials properties. We use quality materials and source the best air condition system deals for our clients. With a team of dedicated technicians and operation staffs, you can be rest assured that servicing your aircon is a hassle free and easy process. Our staff will always get there on time and get the job done!

Our Aircon Services

Why Do You Need Regular Aircon Servicing

It is advisable to do aircon servicing for your air-conditioner once every 3 months. Listed below are some of the benefits of doing regular aircon servicing.

• It will extend air-conditioner lifespan

• Air-conditioner will have better cooling.

• It will minimize leakage of water/gas.

• Less aircon repair will be needed and it can be cost efficient.

• Potential sudden breakdowns of airconditioner can be prevented.

• In the long run, it will lower electrical energy consumption cost.

For an air conditioner to be working at its optimal rate, it is necessary once in a while to engage in professional air conditioning service contractor in Singapore. Aircon servicing ensures that your aircon remains efficient and that it will help to save you from the future costs that might be incurred if your aircon break down. Here are the standard procedures that our technicians provide as part of the air conditioning service.

Get professional aircon servicing contractor in Singapore Here are the standard procedures that our technicians adhere to as part of our aircon service package.

Aircon Servicing Procedure

1. Servicing of the air conditioner’s external front cover and panels (including all the sides of the air conditioner)

2. Checking and providing the proper air conditioner service for its filters

3. Servicing of the air conditioner’s fan blade and wheel

4. Checking and servicing the air conditioning evaporator coils

5. Checking and servicing the air conditioner’s drainage pipe and drainage pan

6. Assessing if there is a need to apply grease lubricant o the blower fan motor

7. Servicing the parts that are causing unnecessary noises

8. Checking if the major electrical wires are loose and providing the necessary servicing

9. Checking if the refrigerant system is working well and providing the necessary air conditioner servicing

Our Services Rate

For repairing charges, it varies with the complexity of the repair work as well as the capacity of the air-con system in general. We will advise our customers the final cost upon investigation.

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