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What Does Aircon Cleaning Entail?

Air conditioning cleaning involves segregating out the parts of the air conditioning system where the individual parts are inspected and cleaned by the proper chemical solution. Cleaning your air conditioner with the right cleaning solutions will help to extend the lifespan of the air conditioner and prevent further future costs to be incurred.

What Is Chemical Washing?

Aircon Chemical washing is a more thorough solution of doing air conditioning cleaning. When an aircon unit is chocked, a general clean cannot solve the problem. Thus, many would get an overhaul aircon service, where the unit is dismantled and washed properly.

A chemical solution will be used to clean the fan coil, which will enable the unit to emit better clean filtered air. The internal fan and fan bearings will be also be cleaned to ensure that the air conditioner does not produce too much noise and that the whole process will be smooth.

Part of the aircon cleaning service process also includes washing the internal air filter. It ensures that your aircon unit is running at an efficient level, where the air emitted is cleaner and purer. Lastly, the drainage system is run over with the right chemicals, which helps to prevent water leakage.

Why Do Aircon Chemical Wash?

Here are some of the benefits when you go through this process during the aircon cleaning service process.

Your air conditioner will definitely be more efficient, which means lesser weight on your electricity bills. Going through aircon chemical wash also helps to eliminate any foul smell given by your aircon, noise given by your airconditioner and water leakage problems. In addition, your air conditioner unit will be free of any dirt trap, which means you now have an aircon unit that provides cleaner air.

Avoid spending too much money in the future, and engage in professional aircon cleaning services in Singapore. Here at TJ Aircon, we ensure that you get the best service and aircon cleaning in Singapore.

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